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       Countless accolades and stories can be written of an original water-man known as " Malibu Mike" , "Iron Man Mike", "Tiki Mike" and "The Hawk". Much has been written of Mike Doyle and the many highlights of his life that began when he first surfed in 1954. In 1980's, after a long and very successful career in the surf industry, Mike made a dramatic life changing decision and moved to San Jose Cabo, Mexico. This is where he began his artistic journey.

Artists Statement:

I grew up in Lawndale CA. My parents built their own home. My Mother was an oil painter artist from as early as I can remember. My Father was a silver and goldsmith specializing in Rodeo Buckles. I wear one now as I write. My Mother was also an antique collector and being a [Junker] as we called her, you get an eye for spotting the good stuff from the worthless. 
When you go to Garage and Estate sales, you gotta move fast . . . The competition is fierce. 
That same eye is the eye you use for formatting and composition in Art.

I majored in Art History in college.
" I should have been painting more."
But, what I did learn in Art History was the art of Balance and Composition and how paintings read. By reading I mean, left to right, up and down and the tricks that painters use to lead you around their work to get you to participate 
in the art work. 

When you got the bug from birth and you have been raised by artistic people, everything is fair game for art. 
Your door on the house . . . put washed up beach wood on it. Your car . . . paint the sucker. The tires too. Paint glue and tack anything to anywhere you want. It’s your expression as an artist and we all have that ingredient in us. Some just have more of it. Some use creativity for business. It’s all the same juice, but the rewards are different.

In 1986 I gave up my real job in the surf industry for painting and I have never looked back.
I love it. It was always in my veins but I just wasn’t sure about making a living out of doing what I totally believed in. Well, it worked for me in surfing and it’s working for me in art.

"I put my brush where my mouth is and 
  it’s working."