Fiberglass Series 


The real Mike Doyle which you have found here has been shaping boards since the 1950's he is the shapers hall of fame. Below you will find more info and links to his series of fiberglass surfboards which started his line and brand. 



Mike Doyle invented the softboard in 1974 so you can feel confident that you are going with the best produced softboard available please go to our contact page and send us a message for more information. 

Stand Up Paddle Boards


SUP boards are now becoming popular but Mike Doyle has been involved in the SUP inudstry from the start his line has helped champion SUP racers from all over the world. Doyle SUP boards are endorsed by SUP international competitions held in Los Cabos MX


        Fiberglass Series 


All Doyle Surfboards are hand shaped and glassed.

6oz+4oz deck glass, 6oz glass bottom. Custom Spray design on all boards. Fin set included. 

Sizes range from 7'2" -7'6"- 7'10" Funboards and Longboards range in sizes 8'0", 8'6", 9'0",10'0" ft

Below are some images from actual surfers please go to our conact page for more information here is a link to our catalog

         Soft Surfboard Line


Doyle Softboards and Cabo Softboards are more durable than the so called "store" brands and are designed directly from the inventor of these fun boards. The Doyle Performance Soft Surfboard is what you would use at a surfing school or clinic while the Cabo soft Surfboard is what you can use at your own pace. The Doyle Soft Surfboard even carries a Doyle Kids board perfect for younger children of all ages to learn on.  Sizes range from the kids sof surfboard of 5'6" to 6', 7', 8', 9' and 10'


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surf series.png
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                 SUP Boards


The Doyle SUP boards are placed into six different categories because of their broad use in the water from oceans, beaches, lakes, rivers, bays, and even swamps. The different choices are for the indivual user as well for example a competitive, athletic, recreational, and fitness stand up paddler. All SUP boards are designed by Mike Doyle himself and are tested for performance and approval by his wife Ann. 


Surf Series comes in three different sizes 9'0", 9'6", 10'0" and carries special features such as shape, weight, and design to help get a steady ride in the oceans and beaches.


Sport Series comes in 5 different sizes 10'0", 10'6", 11'0", 11'6", 12,0" Designed and shaped for a more universal use in the water you may find yourself in an area where the ocean meets freshwater or even for traveling this is a great all around usage SUP board. 


Beefy D comes in four different sizes 8'0", 9'0", 10'0", 11'0" Known for being stable and responsive the Beefy D is also highly durable and great for a fleet of rentals or to give tours of the water. Gives great control and great for new SUP ers.


Discovery SUP Series by Mike Doyle is getting allot of attention because of its versatility in the water if you need to go exploring and need to carry equipement such as a camera or fishing pole this might be the SUP board for you, utility and freedom describe this board the best. 


Race Tour SUP board designed by Mike Doyle is the Campions freind when you have the need for speed in the water. Designed for choppy conditions and to let you feel that you are glidding on water, feel the balance and speed with the Race Tour SUP.


Rental Sport SUP design by Mike Doyle was calibrated for heavy use with a sports flare meaning that it is perfect for rentals and heavy use while still having performance and responsivenes available.